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The World Darts Championship Tour, any dart player, fan or enthusiast should be familiar with this one.

This is the one big thing that should not be missed and should be properly marked red in the calendars.

Playing darts has become so popular through the ages. Before the inception of the World Championship for darts, it is first an ordinary game played back in the Middle Ages, as another form of archery that was explored in an open field. This became a common indoor game in the British Islands and later on gained more popularity as a source of leisure and fun in the pubs.

Nowadays, many ordinary households and dormitories have their own dart boards to play with. Many people are now aiming for the bull’s eye, just for the fun of it. However, any serious dart player will aim for the real bull’s eye, that is, aim high.

It is fine to have some leisurely moments in playing the game, but one’s level must not be simply maintained. It must be advanced. That is why in joining other enthusiasts and continuing the aim to improve dart playing skills, the player must endeavor to proceed in professional dart tournaments and even the World Darts Championship Tour.

What is the World Darts Championship Tour?

The highlight of the calendar of any darts enthusiast is the World Professional Darts Championship. This event is held yearly. The World Darts Championship is considered a special event. It is one of the traditional happenings that any professional or amateur dart player or even a mere enthusiast would not dare miss.

The tradition started back in 1978. Back then, the event is conducted in Nottingham. In 1979, the venue was moved to Stoke, in a nightclub called Jollees. Stoke became a host to the Championship for 7 years. Then in 1986, the event was moved to Frimley Green, Surrey at the Lakeside Country Club. This had regularly been the venue since then.

Two Championships

There are actually 2 organizations that hold the World Darts Championship Tournament, the Professional Darts Corporation and the older British Darts Organization – Lakeside World Darts Championship, also known previously as ’The Embassy.’

It was in 1993 when two bodies took different paths. There are different reasons given out although the most common explanation given is the dispute over television coverage. The rebels then in the BDO came up with a breakaway group, the PDC, and engaged with its own TV coverage deal.

The BDO, with quite a long history in its name, enjoys a more prestigious standing in the dart community. The BBC covers this event and brings the excitement to different households. In almost 30 years of its existence, there are 3 champions recognized for winning the title: John Lowe of England – 3 titles, Raymond van Barneveld of Netherlands – with 4 titles, and Eric Bristow of England – with 5 titles in his name.

It is actually worth mentioning the details of Lowe for he is one of the more interesting personalities in the history of darts as a sport. He was there when the BDO started and he endured for a good period of 1978-1993 and winning a title for each decade (1979, 1987, 1993).

The PDC has been around for a decade already. It is not as prominent as the BDO but it is very well recognized for giving high prizes to its winners. This organization’s champion which garnered the most number of titles is Phil Taylor of England.

Looking Forward

The competition between the two championship tournaments hinges on the prominence to the audience. BDO has the reputation of being the traditional dart tournament, but PDC also enjoys also the respect and patronage of the dart enthusiasts.

It was mentioned that there is no probability in the near future for the two to merge. Fortunately, the division did not affect the dart field badly. Enthusiasts and fans even enjoy the fact of having to await 2 championships in a year, and still getting a good game.

Despite the many controversies that happened in the past, one cannot simply miss this championship. To be filled in, there are dart sports magazine that will provide news and updates on the latest developments on the championship. This aspect can even be checked online. There are results and schedules provided to keep the viewers informed. One cannot simply miss this world championship tour. It is more than a showcase of two different championship tournaments, it actually allows great talents and skills unfold before your very eyes.

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