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Beginners Guide to the Dart Game

If you think that the game of darts is just a matter of throwing a few pointed arrows on a dart board, and hoping with all your might that you hit the target so you can win a bet with your friends; well, you are sadly mistaken.

Dart is a serious game that has a set of rules and regulations. It is so serious in fact that there are organized groups that consist of professional dart players. Most of these organizations are members of the World Darts Federation (WFD).

The World Darts Federation was established in 1976. As of today, there are around 60 organizations from all around the world that are apart of the WDF.

Every year a number of major tournaments are held. Wherein dart players pin up their skills, talents, and prowess against each other to determine who will inevitably reign supreme. In addition, cash prizes are awarded to the winners of these dart games competitions.

Currently, there are two professional dart games organizations. The British Darts Organization (BDO), which was established in 1973. The BDO is also part of the World Darts Federation.

The second one is called Professional Darts Corporation, PDC for short. This organization was only established in 1994.

Famous players of dart game include: Eric 'The Crafty Cockey' Bristow & Phil 'The Power' Taylor.

Dart games are very popular in Europe. BDO tournaments are often televised on BBC. There are millions and millions of dart games enthusiasts around the world who follow this sport on television.

Darts Equipment

Dart boards are customarily made of a material called: sisal. This is also the material that is used to make rope. When it comes to the actual darts, there's quiet a selection to choose from.

Brass Dart- This is probably the cheapest way to go. It cost around $5-16. If you are new to the game of darts and just want to have a feel for the game, then you can start practicing your throws with this type of darts.

Tungsten Darts- This type of dart is extremely durable. It offers a good grip. The price of these darts can go as high as $185, depending of the amount of Tungsten metal used to make the darts.

Silver/Nickel Darts- This is made of a heavy metal. It is priced at around $13-35. These type of darts offer good quality at a very reasonable price.

Dart Games

There are a variety of ways dart games are played. The most popular formats are as follow:

301 Dart Game

This is usually played by just two people; but if preferred, it can also be played by teams. Each participant starts with a score of 301. It is later subtracted by the score they accumulate. The aim of the game is to reach a score of zero. Each participant is not allowed to start subtracting points until they hit a double number. (This means whatever number they hit, they have to hit twice). Who ever reaches the score of zero fastest wins the game. If the participant doesn't hit a double to end the game or has a score below zero then that player's turn is considered a bust. That player's game ends abruptly and the score goes back to what it was before at the beginning of his or her turn.

501 Dart Game
This game is played in the exact same way as the 301 game, except that hitting a double at the beginning of the game , so the player can start subtracting the points is not necessary. Like the 301 game, ending the turn with a double is also required. Players also have the option of hitting a double or a bulls eye to win the game.


A bulls eye scores 50 points. Each player is not required to use all three darts to end the game. Whoever reduces his or her score to zero, (this maneuver in dart terms is usually called 'going-out') first wins the match.

There are other variations to the '01 games such as: 601, 801, 1001. This is the type of format that is mostly used in professional competitions.

But if you are just starting out and just want to have fun. There's no reason why you should implement any type of rules in your game. After all, when it comes to playing dart games in your own home, you're the boss.

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