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The Sure Way to the Pros

Playing a sport may be a leisurely endeavor, but for a serious and eager sports enthusiast, there is more to it than just mere play. There is the need and hunger to improve.

Hitting the target, that is the most obvious goal of playing darts. Still, it is not just about finishing the game. It is about aiming for the goal in every chance possible. It is about hitting the bull’s eye in any chance possible.

One has to aim for progress and to be able to compete at the top level. The aim therefore is to reach the professional circuit of playing darts as a sport. As a player then, it is important to know the proper way to enter the pro circuit.

Starting as Amateur

There are amateur tournaments that can be first joined to gain more exposure, training and experience. This is a good way to start.

For example, in the United States, the ADA or American Darters Association provides venue for single players to play and display their dart prowess. The American Darts Organization on the other hand is considered as the largest national dart league in the world. It organizes the members according to their respective region. It also promotes the sport by encouraging teams of various pubs and individuals.

Professional Dart Circuit

After a good enough exposure and training, and once the player is confident enough, it is probably high time to endeavor for the professional circuit. The circuit will mainly consist of a series of open events for professional dart players.

Seeking Professional Tournaments

Different countries or states have their respective leagues and tournaments both for amateur and professional competitions. All one has to do is to check out for local announcements. The local pubs may provide for this one. There are also resources available online that provide timetables for daily games, even for the annual big time ones.

There are major darts publications that circulate. They usually come with advertisements for open competitions. This is the best way to seek for a tournament. Once the first move is made, it will be quite easier to learn your way to the next step.

Making It to the Pros

Are there any requirements to make it to the pros? This is the first thing that comes to mind. There is no strict requirement although generally, it is contemplated that a player must be eligible to join to be part of a professional circuit.

1. Application
Of course, an entry form must first be submitted to officially join a professional circuit. Any required documentation must be properly submitted. Usually there is a membership fee or association fee. The applicant will then be considered in good standing upon fulfillment of this.

2. Residence / Organization Requirement
Some tournaments require that the player must be a local resident or a citizen. Some may even require that the professional circuit participants be a member of a certain league or organization.

3. Skills
Of course, before aiming for the pros, the player must be equipped with adequate skills to be a proper participant. There is an average score that must be maintained depending on the category.
Generally, it will be very helpful to have an extensive knowledge of the rules of the game. Add to this a more than sufficient amount of practice. Indoor dart playing may have more lenient rules. However, in playing competitive darts, it will involve particular rules and scoring. Players will even be challenged by expecting other variations of the rules.

4. Conformity
Most associations or circuit tournaments have their own code of ethics. They require that the professional darter be able to conform to the respective requirements and expectations. Such details may be inquired beforehand.

5. Passion
What the preceding items provide are the basic requirements that may be expected. Further conditions can still be imposed, depending on the organization or tournament. However, this final point is actually a strong ingredient that must not be missed in aiming for the pros.

To make it to the pro circuit, one must definitely have a real and deep passion for the game. This passion will require that the player is more than able to play the game. The dart player must be very willing and enthusiastic, not only in playing and winning, but in learning and improving. This will be the most enabling tool to make it in the professional circuit. With this at hand, the player will definitely weather any pressure, challenges and hindrances to succeed in the professional circuit.

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