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Go Professional with Your Darts

Darts is a game that is not unfamiliar to the people although more usually played in the United States and in the United Kingdom. It traces its history back in the Middle Ages when it was first played as an open-air game involving archers aiming for a target with arrows using their hands.

This game later on became popular. Most pubs, bars, households and even dormitories are found to have dart boards on their walls for leisure and fun. Ordinary dart tournaments were held with rules depending on the players or the ordinary organizers.

However, more than being a pastime, darts is actually a serious sport. It is well recognized as a professionally played competitive sport. Formal organization to play dart started in the 1920’s. Dart leagues were organized and rules were formulated and proposed to be established.

As dart tournaments became more formal and players became more serious, professional dart organizations came. In 1954 a National Darts Association of Great Britain was organized although it was only the British Darts Organization or the BDO, established in 1973, that had actual control of the sport. It is considered the oldest professional dart organization. It has been long recognized for its prestige. Basically, the BDO coordinates the British dart players.

BDO found its main competition later on in Embassy World Professional Championship when it was inaugurated in 1978. The Embassy is under the World Darts Federation or WDF, which coordinates other darts organizations worldwide. The Embassy actually prides of two champions, Eric Bristow, with 5 titles, and John Lowe, with 3 titles.

Later on the Professional Darts Corporation or PDC was formed. This was in 1994 and the organization has been regarded as a breakaway group from the WDF. The PDC may not be as prestigious as the BDO although it is quite known for giving away higher prizes.

Of course, dart as a sport also progressed with technology and demand of the enthusiasts. It was televised and became even more popular in the late 1970’s. At present, there are even dart games online, although genuine enthusiasts of the game do not settle for simulated ones.

Joining Tournaments

It is actually very advisable for any aspiring professional dart player to join tournaments. Joining such tournaments will be relatively easy for those who have sufficient experience and exposure to the game. It will also be considerably easy for those who are located in regions where darts is not just a mere sport but more of a tradition that is continued and proliferated.

The beginners may want to try out amateur games first. For those who would like to advance their level, joining professional dart tournaments is already a must. One can inquire locally for any oncoming competition. There are also sites online that provide timetables or calendars of daily tournament and full-blown competitions.

The Need for Professional Dart Tournaments

At this point, it should be evident that joining professional tournaments is more than an obligation. It is actually a helpful requirement to any aspiring dart player.

For one, organizing and mingling with other people who share one’s interests and passion is a very important matter. Professional tournaments have a way of organizing players, whether regionally or worldwide. Any individual will be very delighted to find fellow dart players and enthusiasts and have a good exchange of tips, experiences, news and even achievements.

Tournaments of all kinds are also helpful in training the dart players. Amateur dart tournaments are helpful for beginners. The competition in more professional tournaments can also further challenge potentials.

Professional dart tournaments also offer very good rewards to the winners. The prize money can go very high, depending on the organizer, but generally they are very gratifying. The winner can also expect a proof of his or her triumph (medal, plaque or trophy), and he or she can even consider displaying this in the living room.

More than the rewards mentioned above, nothing compares to the possibility of winning a title. This is recognition that is well beyond what can be printed in the trophy or medal. The professional dart player that is able to champion a tournament can gain more than fame. He or she can earn the respect of the dart player community.

Darts is a game. Then again, it is more than a game, it is actually a sport. For anyone who takes the game seriously, there is no other way to go but to aim for the professional level. Aim high. Aim for the bull’s-eye.

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